In the beginning we started working as agent on Castellón Port. Then, we had our first agency at Gandia Port. Where we have been gaining presence each year.

In recent years, we have also started to work as Port Agent on Valencia. one of the most important port of Europe and the Mediterranean Sea.

We also operate at Sagunto Port, and we have sub-agencies over Spain



The centenary Castellon Port started for the exportation of oranges. Its expansion has gone hand in hand with the development of petrochemistry and the ceramic industry and the citrus sector of the area.

In the last decades, Castellon Port has improved its installations, increasing sea traffic. It has double services with the opening of “Darsena Sur” (South Dock) in 2009.

In 2019, Castellon Port had more than 1900 calls and cargo transit of 20.720.852 tons.



Gandia Port was built on XVIII century for importing coal to the Alcoy industry but it has also importance for orange exportation.

In the last years, Gandia Port has upgraded its facilities, opening a new terminal. Besides from vegetables and fruits, it has specialized in the importation of paper and wood.

On holidays period there is a passenger ferry with the Balearic Islands



With more than five centuries of history, Valencia Port is the most important port of Valencia and Mediterranean sea. During the last 50 years has never stopped growing and improving its facilities.

Their principal facilities are for containers, but it also has important terminals of ro/ro and bulk.

On 2019, Valencia Port had more than 6500 calls and transit of 81.064.840 tons.



Sagunto Port history started at the beginning of the XX century since there was an important steel factory in the city.

Steel factory was closed in 1983, so Sagunto Port change its installations to container terminal, ro/ro cargo and multi-purpose terminal

In 2019, Sagunto Port had more than 1500 calls and a transit of 6.961.318 tons.